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SourcingMatters is a talkshow for critical issues and the wonderful stories woven into our food system.  Broadcasting from the Northeast United States – we host less-than-an-hour conversations with interesting characters from all over the globe. Visit our dialogues library to hear more from these folks making all kinds of good things happen.

“movements don’t follow ideas.  it’s the people with those ideas that motivates others.”       listen now  

what’s talked about on the show:

1) Chatting-up leaders focused on food system reform and reducing environmental imprint, host Aaron Niederhelman examines both the problems and solutions paramount and opportune with feeding ourselves in the future.
 2) We engage in dialogues with visionaries who know how to spin some yarn. Often eccentric and diverse in background, when these folks share their stories about our food, good and bad, we must listen.

3) These conversations give us a chance to think differently about our food.  To think about acting now in dealing with an inherited bounty and growing burden in properly shepherding the planet by tapping into the emotional & pragmatic parts of our food.





how we feed ourselves determines the fate of instability

As the basis for future preventative human & planetary care, we share the burden to know more about our food and where it comes from. The production of clean and healthy food as a method of redemption to what ails us, and to the instability of the climate of our shared planet has begun developing legs in recent years. But, we have a long way to go.  With the exponential growth of our population, and too the modern plagues inflicting more of those who consume a cheap diet steeped with externalities that is beginning to prove concerning and expensive on a shrinking planet of finite boundaries – we need better food for thought.

The savior to this seems to be reengaging with natural order.  To embrace biodiversity of all living creators big and small.  Creators, in many cases microbes, that have refined a process of cycling energy over billions years, and now for the benefit to us!  This regenerative nutrient loop is essential to our wellbeing.  It happens in soil, it happens in the sea, and it happens in you. Our role in enlisting in this process comes down to how we decide to feed ourselves.  And, that’s as big as how the world does it, to what you personally put in your mouth. What’s great about this approach even for those yet to take accountability for this burden – you can’t beat eating good food for all it’s cultural, familial, societal, and personal benefits.  You are what you eat – so embrace it!

The impact of adopting a proper practice in feeding ourselves has net positive unintended consequence on human & public health.  This approach known as regenerative agriculture is also of great benefit to the stability of environment we share with all these other living inhabitants – big and small.  Without a sea-change in our commitment to better production of food we’ll devour our planet for short-term gain – leaving behind biodiversity and our wellbeing in its wake. The succession plan we leave behind is of political, social or climate instability. Our goal with this show is to celebrate leading voices committed to promoting food values through proper natural resource management. It is, after all, the sourcing which matters.


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the importance in how we derive our food Moving forward, our approach must refocus to being part of this natural order, and to harmonize with regenerative forces for all their benefits to us, our shared inhabitants and for the sanctity of the planet as a whole. From food, to fuel, to our economy – a more circular approach exercised to reduce the expense of wasted resources is just a pragmatic tack on the future. A great place to focus our show seemed to be on leaders with an ear to the rail of where climate, design, policy, energy and capital intersect with food. We hope these stories help engage more folks into exciting ventures like these discussed with our guests.

Be inspired!  Be motivated.


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